I have enjoyed photography as long as I can remember and  have been working behind the camera for the last 18 years .

After my military service as a ship photographer on the training vessel HMS Carlskrona, and after a year at Kulturama I worked as an assistant to photographer Dennis Blomberg for 6 years.

Then I worked as a freelance assistant for a few years with jobs in Sweden and abroad. During that time I got the chance to work with various teams and types of photographers. It could be portrait jobs, food, still life, Art projects, car photography, commercials, music videos, lifestyle and various jobs in the darkroom. Some useful years in every way.

I see myself mainly as a portrait photographer and I often pick my inspiration from the art world, film industry and from different people who do not always have to be photographers. When I'm not working I like to be with my family and friends and take part in tennis tournaments.